Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Hidden Flame

“The Hidden Flame” by Janette Oke and Davis Bunn is the second book in the Acts of Faith series. Abigail lost her family when she was a young girl but she discovers her brother Jacob is alive. Abigail and Jacob become followers of the Messiah, and Abigail finds a new purpose in life while Jacob is confused on what path he should follow. Two men want Abigail's hand in marriage. One, Ezra, is a successful merchant and widower looking for a mother for his children. The other, Linux, is a Roman soldier who is captivated by her beauty and charm. But she does not love either man. Stephen, one of the leaders of The Way, has a character and faith that she admires. Abigail’s faith is put to the test when the one she loves is in grave danger.

This series is about the birth of Christianity in the first century. “The Hidden Flame” picked up where “The Centurion’s Wife” left off. Oke and Bunn continued the story of Leah and Alban from the first book while telling us the story of Abigail and Jacob. This book shows us that we need to trust and rely on God at all times. He knows what is best for His children even if we don’t understand at the time. I received a free copy of this book to review for Bethany House.

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