Monday, April 5, 2010

Hand of Fate

“Hand of Fate” by Lis Wiehl and April Henry is about the murder of the host of a popular Portland radio talk show. Jim Fate dies tragically from a poisonous gas that fills his recording booth while his show, “The Hand of Fate” is on air and everyone in downtown Portland panics and tries to evacuate. Luckily no one else is harmed during the event. In the days following Fate’s murder, the Triple Threat Club, FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges, crime reporter Cassidy Shaw and federal prosecutor Allison Pierce, tries to figure out who would want to kill Jim Fate. The better question may be who wouldn’t want to kill him. Fate has made many enemies over the years, from a family that lost a daughter to a politician who was once one of his closest friends. “Hand of Fate” also continues the storylines of Nicole, Allison, and Cassidy. We learn more about Nicole’s past, Allison’s fears throughout her pregnancy and impending motherhood, and Cassidy’s insecurities of being a news reporter.

“Hand of Fate” is the second book about the Triple Threat Club. We were first introduced to the women in “Face of Betrayal”. Lis Wiehl is becoming one of my favorite authors. Her books are well researched and written. I could not put “Hand of Fate” down until I knew who the killer was. Wiehl brings her characters to life and makes then seem real to the reader not only in their jobs but also in what is going on in each of their personal lives. I would definitely recommend “Hand of Fate” to those who love a good mystery. I received a free copy of this book to review from Thomas Nelson.

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