Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Cowboy's Touch

In “A Cowboy’s Touch” by Denise Hunter, we meet Abigail Jones who lives in Chicago and is a writer for a magazine. When her mother, who is also her boss, starts to worry about her health, Abigail is forced to take the summer off. Abigail goes to Montana to stay with her great aunt, Lucy. Abigail is supposed to be there for rest and relaxation and to look after her aunt. Abigail meets a young girl named Maddy and quickly becomes her friend. Maddy talks her father, Wade, into hiring Abigail to look after her while she is out for summer vacation. Wade did not realize how young and pretty Abigail was when he agreed and Abigail did not count on Maddy’s father being such a handsome cowboy. When Abigail realizes just who Wade is, she decides to write an article that could help save her magazine. Abigail tries to find out the truth about Wade’s past and in the process she starts to fall for him. And even though Wade tries to stay away from Abigail, he finds himself drawn to her and finally realizes how deep his feelings are for her. But when Wade finds out what Abigail has done, he thinks she can’t be trusted with his heart or his daughter. I received a free copy of this book to reveiw from Thomas Nelson.

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