Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Foolish Heart

In "My Foolish Heart" by Susan May Warren, Isadora Presley is the town recluse after a tragic accident leaves her unable to leave her home. She is also the host of the radio show My Foolish Heart. She works out of her home and gives advice on romance to her listeners. But Isadora has never been on a date. She wants to be able to meet someone and fall in love but after the accident, she has panic attacks and is not able to leave her neighborhood. Slowly she is able to venture out to places but feels more comfortable at home. Caleb Knight moves in next door and he has his own scars he is hiding from the town. Caleb moved to Deep Haven to be the new football coach after their football coach was injured in a car wreck. Caleb and Issy get off on the wrong foot and when they find out they are neighbors, things become more awkward. Especially when Issy finds out why he is in town and when Caleb finds out her father is the coach he is replacing. Caleb wants to get to know Issy better because he is intrigued by her. He calls My Foolish Heart hoping to be able to get advice on how to win her over. Neither Caleb nor Issy realize they are talking to each other on the show and they start to fall for each other on and off the air. Can Caleb help Issy overcome her fears? I received a free copy of this book to review from Tyndale House Publishers.

Fairer Than Morning

In “Fairer Than Morning” by Rosslyn Elliott, we meet the Miller family. Ann has helped her father raise her younger sisters after her mother died giving birth to the youngest. Ann had to become the woman of the family and was not able to follow her heart and her dreams. When she is finally old enough, her suitor Eli tries to win her heart, again. When Ann’s father has to go to Pittsburgh, he decides to take his three daughters with him. While in Pittsburgh Ann meets apprentice Will Hanby. Will’s master is a cruel man and beats will when he does not do something the master wants. Ann and her father try to help him while they are there but when they leave to go back home, Will is almost killed by his master. Will flees Pittsburgh and makes his way to the Miller’s home. Ann’s father takes him in and allows him to become his apprentice and help with the farm. After a bounty hunter who is looking for escaped slaves shows up, Will and Mr. Miller help the slaves to safety and Will realizes he needs to work things out with his former master so that he won’t bring harm to his new friends. When they go back to Pittsburgh, Will becomes a free man after his master is thrown in jail but while there he and Ann realize just how much they care for one another. Which man will Ann choose? I received a free copy of this book to review from Thomas Nelson.

Larkspur Cove

In "Larkspur Cove" by Lisa Wingate everything seems to fall apart in Andrea Henderson's life so moves back to Moses Lake. Andrea has recently gone through a divorce and is trying to raise her teenage son, Dustin, on her own. Andrea is a case worker for Child Protection Services. She loves her job and helping children and their families. But she can’t seem to be able to help her own son. Dustin is still angry over the divorce and would rather spend time with his dad instead of living with his mom. The problem is his dad does not feel the same way. Dustin acts out and finds himself in trouble with the local Game Warden, Mart. Andrea and Mart work out a plan that will keep Dustin out of trouble and Dustin soon finds a friend in Mart. Andrea and Mart start working on a strange case trying to find out who a mysterious young girl is and why she is living with the town recluse. The more time Andrea and Mart spend together, the more they realize they love each other. Will there pasts keep them apart? I received a free copy of this book to review from Bethany House.

A Heart Most Worthy

In “A Heart Most Worthy” by Siri Mitchell, we meet three Italian seamstresses trying to make their way in 1918 Boston. Julietta is the bold, outgoing one. She loves to flirt with the boys. Julietta catches the attention of two men. One she has known all her life and she does not think he is the one for her. The other is a daring man who is hiding something from Julietta and she does not realize he could mean harm for one of her friends. Annamaria is a shy girl who wants to do everything to please her family. Annamaria knows she will never marry or have a family because it is her duty to take care of her family and parents as they get older. But Annamaria starts to have feelings for the boy next door, but her parents do not approve of him. She finally goes against her family and puts her wants and needs first. Luciana is hiding a secret from her new friends. Luciana fears there are men trying to find and kill her and her grandmother. She takes a job with the other girls at Madame Fortier’s dress shop and soon catches the eye of man from the upper class. Luciana trusts him and soon falls in love but she does not want to bring harm to him or his family. Will the three girls finally find true love with the one God wants them to be with? I received a free copy of this book to review from Bethany House.