Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Heart Most Worthy

In “A Heart Most Worthy” by Siri Mitchell, we meet three Italian seamstresses trying to make their way in 1918 Boston. Julietta is the bold, outgoing one. She loves to flirt with the boys. Julietta catches the attention of two men. One she has known all her life and she does not think he is the one for her. The other is a daring man who is hiding something from Julietta and she does not realize he could mean harm for one of her friends. Annamaria is a shy girl who wants to do everything to please her family. Annamaria knows she will never marry or have a family because it is her duty to take care of her family and parents as they get older. But Annamaria starts to have feelings for the boy next door, but her parents do not approve of him. She finally goes against her family and puts her wants and needs first. Luciana is hiding a secret from her new friends. Luciana fears there are men trying to find and kill her and her grandmother. She takes a job with the other girls at Madame Fortier’s dress shop and soon catches the eye of man from the upper class. Luciana trusts him and soon falls in love but she does not want to bring harm to him or his family. Will the three girls finally find true love with the one God wants them to be with? I received a free copy of this book to review from Bethany House.

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