Saturday, October 15, 2011


“Accused” by Janice Cantore is the first book in the Pacific Coast Justice series. In “Accused”, we meet Detective Carly Edwards. Carly is called to question a teenage boy that could possibly be involved in the murder of the mayor. Carly believes he is innocent but the homicide division is quick to close the case. As Carly investigates the case she gets a call from fellow cop and long time friend, Jeff. Jeff tells Carly there is more than what meets the eye with the case. He tells her that there are others from the police department involved in the illegal importation of drugs and the mayor found out and that is why she was killed. Carly gets help with her investigation from her ex husband, Nick. Nick cheated on Carly when they were married and she has a hard time trusting him again, but she knows he is not a dirty cop. Carly soon realizes most of the people she has helping her are Christians and believe that God will see them through. Carly does not want anything to do with God because she is angry at him for taking her father. While Carly and Nick work on the case, her heart starts to soften toward not only Nick but also God. She realizes just how much she does need God when her life becomes in danger by those she thought she could trust. Will Carly solve the mystery? Will she and Nick get back together? Will she finally and fully let go of her anger towards God? I received a complimentary advanced reader copy of this book to review from Tyndale House Publishers.

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