Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love on the Line

In “Love on the Line” by Deeanne Gist we meet switchboard operator Georgie Gail from Brenham, Texas. When Georgie’s train is robbed by the Comer Gang, she meets the leader Frank Comer and Texas Ranger Lucious Landrum. Lucious has been after the Comer gang for quite some time and he almost had them this time. Georgie finds Frank to be nicer than she thought an outlaw would be and Lucious to be show off. Lucious’ new assignment is to go undercover as Luke Palmer disguised as a telephone salesman and repairman in Georgie’s town. Georgie and Luke do not see eye to eye at first and they definitely do not want to work together but they soon find themselves attracted to each other. While Luke is busy repairing phone lines and searching for clues about the Comer gang, Georgie has started up the Brenham Ladies’ Plumage League. The ladies are protesting the use of real bird parts for decorations on ladies hats. When Georgie’s passion for saving the birds brings danger to her, Luke is there to protect her. During this episode they realize how much they love each other and Georgie finds out that Luke is really Lucious. Luke finally figures out who is in the gang and tries to apprehend them but nobody in the town will help so Georgie has to. When Luke meets Frank Comer he realizes the outlaw is someone that was very close to him and thought he would never see again.

“Love on the Line” is a very sweet and fun read. Deeanne Gist never misses with her books and this is another favorite. It is not hard to figure out what is going to happen but it is still a great read. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Bethany House Publishers.

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