Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heart of Gold

In “Heart of Gold” by Robin Lee Hatcher, we meet southern belle Shannon Adair. Shannon and her father leave Virginia during the Civil War and head for Grand Coeur, Idaho. Shannon’s father is a preacher and he has been called to a new church in Grand Coeur. When they reach Idaho, Shannon is not impressed especially when she meets stagecoach driver, Matthew Dubois. Matthew works for Wells Fargo and has taken an office job in Grand Coeur in order to be with his sister and nephew, Alice and Todd. Matthew soon realizes his sister is sick and does not have long to live. Since Shannon wants something to do to keep her busy she offers to take care of Alice and look after Todd while Matthew works. Alice decides that Matthew will need a wife to help him raise Todd when she is gone and she is determined that Shannon is the right woman. Soon Shannon and Matthew realize they were wrong about each other and begin to like each other and eventually their feelings deepen. After Shannon hears that Matthew only wants to marry her in order to gain a mother for Todd, she calls off the wedding. Will Matthew be able to win Shannon back or will it be too late?

This book was a quick and easy read. At times it was sad because we know that Alice will not live long but that is what made it so good. Life is not always fun and humorous and this book is an example of what people face in real life and how important God is during those tough times. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Thomas Nelson.

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