Monday, June 25, 2012

This Scarlet Cord

Rahab was a young Canaanite girl in Jericho who hid two Israelite spies. In doing this she was able to save herself and her family from Joshua’s army during the battle of Jericho. During this time Rahab learns of the one true God and finds favor with God and in turn is placed in the genealogy of Christ. That is essentially all we are told about Rahab in the Book of Joshua. “This Scarlet Cord” by Joan Wolf brings the story of Rahab to life by letting us imagine what her life was like before and after she met her future husband, Sala. Rahab was kidnapped as a girl and rescued by Sala. Several years later they meet again. They soon realize their love for one another but he is an Israelite and she is Canaanite. Sala shares his religion and the one true God with her and in her time of need she beings to pray to God instead of the pagan gods of the Canaanites. When Rahab hides the Israelite spies and helps them escape they give her a scarlet cord to hang from her window. The cord will be a sign that she and whoever is in the house will be spared. After Rahab and her family leave Jericho unharmed, both her father and Sala’s father allow them to marry. Many years later their descendent Joseph married Mary who was the mother of Jesus.

I have read and heard about the battle of Jericho since I can remember. But I never paid attention to Rahab and what an important person she was. Joan Wolf brings her to life and shows us that no matter what kind of a person we are God can and will use to for a greater purpose. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Thomas Nelson.

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