Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Widow of Saunders Creek

In “The Widow of Saunders Creek” by Tracey Bateman we meet Corrie Saunders. Corrie gave up a life of privilege when she married her Army husband, Jarrod. Now Corrie is a widow and must face her life without him. She moves back to Saunders Creek in Missouri to a house that Jarrod inherited from his grandparents. Corrie’s plan is to renovate the old house and to hide from everyone so that she can grieve alone. Jarrod’s cousin, Eli, not only helps her restore the house but he also becomes her friend. Strange things start happening in the house and Corrie believes that Jarrod is trying to contact her. Eli tries to show Corrie that it is not Jarrod and that she needs to trust that God will see her through whatever comes her way. Corrie so desperately misses her husband and will not give up hope that he has come back to her. She even goes as far to have a séance in the house so that Jarrod can communicate with her. Soon after, she realizes the presence she is feeling is not her beloved husband. Meanwhile, throughout the process of restoring the house Eli and Corrie become closer than just being friends, but Corrie is scared to put her trust in another man because she is afraid something will happen to him. Will Corrie finally accept God? Will she and Eli have a future together?

In this book we see how far someone will go to hold on to their departed loved one. We never want to give up those we love even when we know we will see them again in heaven, but we have to trust and lean on God to see us through our times of need. He is the only one who will bring us through our pain and suffering and when we finally do make it through we will realize we can love again. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. Click here to read the first chapter of the book.

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