Saturday, October 27, 2012

Isle of Shadows

In “Isle of Shadows” by Tracy L. Higley we meet courtesan Tessa of Delos. Tessa lives on an ancient Grecian island and is enslaved to the very powerful politician Glaucas. When Glaucas has a fatal accident, Tessa knows her life is in danger. If she is found guilty, she will be killed. If they believe it was an accident, she will be passed to another man who has paid for her favors. With the help of Nikos, a slave, and Simeon, a Jewish servant, she is able to keep Glaucas’ death from the other political figures in Rhodes. While she is planning her escape she learns of a plan to bring down many of the political men in Rhodes. She and Nikos must find out who is behind the plotting and scheming and manage to stay alive in the process. What Tessa does not count on is losing her heart to Nikos. Tessa also encounters Simeon’s Jewish family and is told that the one true God will look after her. Tessa does not believe there is a God that would keep letting these bad things happen to her. Will Tessa be able to expose the real political threat to the people of Rhodes? Will Tessa and Nikos have a future together? Will she find the one true God?

“Isle of Shadows” pulls you in from the beginning and is very fast paced to the end. It is full of intrigue and history and you will be drawn into the way of life on the ancient Grecian island in 227 BC. You will be cheering for Tessa as she journeys down the road to freedom. I received a complimentary copy of this to review from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Twice a Bride

In “Twice a Bride” by Mona Hodgson, we meet Willow Peterson. After her husband and father die, Willow decides to live in Cripple Creek, Colorado where her brother is a preacher. Determined to support herself, she answers an ad in the paper for a portrait painter. Her new boss is a handsome photographer named Trenton. Willow and Trenton do not get off on the right foot but they soon form a friendship as well as a working relationship and they soon begin to lose their hearts to each other. But there is someone else who is after Trenton. His former fiancĂ© comes to town in hopes of renewing their relationship. Also in this book we catch up on the lives of the Sinclair sisters. The four sisters were sent to Cripple Creek in hopes of finding husbands. They are all happily married now and are mothers or expectant mothers. Will their happily ever after fairytales continue? Will Willow and Trenton have their own fairytale?

“Twice a Bride” is the fourth book in the Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek series. It is very well written and can be read as a standalone novel. But if you want the background of what has gone on before and to learn the Sinclair sisters’ stories then I recommend reading the first three books first. This was a good book that teaches us to keep our hope and faith and that God knows what is best for us. Click here to read the first chapter. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.