Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moon Over Edisto

In “Moon Over Edisto” by Beth Webb Hart, we meet Julia Bennett. Julia is a well known artist living in New York. She has a great job, a wonderful fiancé and prestige in the art world, but Julia is running from the past and it is about to catch up to her. When her former best friend turned step-mother, Marney, shows up in New York it puts Julia in a tailspin. Marney has cancer and needs Julia to return to Edisto Island, South Carolina to take care of her three young half siblings. Julia wants nothing to do with them. She is still bitter and mad at Marney for ruining her parents’ marriage. Julia soon realizes that she has no choice but to go to Edisto Island. What she didn’t count on was caring about her half siblings. She also didn’t count on an old teenage crush, Jed, returning to her life. Jed has had a crush on Julia since the first time he saw her and the spark is still there. We also meet Julia’s sister Meg. Meg changed after her parents’ divorce and not only does she blame Marney but she also blames Julia. When the week is over, Julia returns to her life and is planning her dream wedding. Then more bad news, Marney is going to die and wants Julia to raise the children. Julia finally does forgive Marney and her father but will she give up her dreams and move to Edisto Island? Which man will she end up with? Will Meg finally be able to forgive and find peace in her life?

This is another wonderful book by Ms. Hart. She paints a great picture of life in the lowcountry while teaching the reader about forgiveness. We all have to forgive at some time in our lives and this book teaches us why it is so important to forgive instead of harboring bitter feelings and letting it run our lives. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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