Saturday, May 18, 2013

Once Upon a Prince

In “Once Upon a Prince” by Rachel Hauck, we meet small town Georgia girl Susanna Truitt. Susanna has loved a man for twelve years and has patiently waited for the day they would be married. When her boyfriend returns to the states instead of proposing to Susanna he breaks up with her. She is devastated because she fills she has wasted her life waiting for him. She is also relieved because she soon realizes that she was not in love with him but she starts to wonder what to do with her life. She soon meets Nate Kenneth. He seems to be her knight in shining armor rescuing her in her time of need. They become friends but Nate is hiding something from her. He’s a prince who will soon be king. Just when Susanna starts to have feelings for him she finds out the truth and is hurt because she knows nothing can come of it. When Nate learns that his father has died he returns to his kingdom leaving Susanna for good, or so they think. Although Nate has found the woman he wants to be his queen, can he convince his family that she is the one?

This is the first book in the Royal Wedding series and is another great book by Rachel Hauck. This is a sweet love story that shows us that God is in control and that no matter how bleak the situation may look at the time we must keep our eyes on Him to see us through. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from

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