Saturday, December 14, 2013

Emma of Aurora

“Emma of Aurora” by Jane Kirkpatrick is the complete Change and Cherish Trilogy and tells the story of pioneer woman Emma Wagner Giesy. “A Clearing in the Wild” opens up in 1850s Bethel, Missouri. Emma has her heart set on marrying Christian Giesy but the leader of their colony forbids it. Emma is very outspoken and longs for independence from the colony. Christian is a recruiter of the colony and their leader depends on him and does not think Emma is the right woman for him. When they are allowed to finally marry Christian is gone all the time scouting for new recruits. When Emma learns that the leader is sending him to Oregon to find a new location for the colony she does everything in her power to make sure she is on the trip. What Emma did not count on was all the hardships she would face along the way.

“A Tendering in the Storm” picks up the story in Washington Territory. Emma and Christian have settled in and made a home for themselves away from the new colony. They have two children and things seem to be going better for them. But then tragedy strikes and Emma finds herself a widow with a third child on the way. When her husband’s family tries to take her sons away from her she marries Jack Giesy a distant cousin of Christian’s. She thought that they could have a good marriage but the true Jack starts showing through. Emma soon realizes that she needs the protection of the colony and leaves her husband.

“A Mending at the Edge” takes place in the new territory of Aurora. Emma lives there with her four children and is estranged from her husband. She knows she made a mistake and is trying to make up for her bad decisions. Even though the colony has accepted her and her family she still is searching for a purpose in the colony. She faces many tough days but she is a strong willed woman who keeps pushing through.

Emma Wagner Giesy was true pioneer woman. She left her home and started out on a new journey with the man she loved. The two of them kept their eyes on God and trusted to see them through the dark times they encountered. If you are a fan of true pioneer stories then you will enjoy this trilogy. I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review. Click here to read Chapter 1 of "A Clearing in the Wild".

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