Saturday, February 1, 2014


In “Avenged” by Janice Cantore we are once again taken to Las Playas, California. Carly Edwards is a street cop for Las Playas PD and when she and her partner find three gangbangers shot execution style the whole department fears there will be another gang war. Carly’s husband, Nick, is a sergeant and is head of the gang unit. Carly fears for her husband’s safety but knows that he is ultimately in God’s hands. As the two dig deeper they realize that someone is purposefully trying to start a war between the two gangs in Las Playas but things are not adding up. When a reporter starts making false accusations about Carly they soon discover that someone is out to get her and will do anything to bring her down.

This is the third book in the Pacific Coast Justice series and it is another page turner. This book is full of mystery and intrigue. In this book we see how Carly and Nick have to rely on God and trust that He will see them through no matter what the future may bring. We see how even strong Christians sometimes have difficulty putting our troubles in God’s hands and keeping our faith when things are really bad, but like Carly and Nick we must always turn to God during those hard times. I highly recommend reading “Accused” and “Abducted” first in order to appreciate the relationship Carly and Nick have with each other and with God. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Tyndale House Publishers.

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