Monday, April 7, 2014

A Sensible Arrangement

“A Sensible Arrangement” by Tracie Peterson takes us to 1893 Denver, Colorado. When Marty Olson lost her first husband she never wanted to find love again. She answers an ad for a marriage of convenience and leaves Texas to head to Colorado. Jake Wythe had his heart broken by his first wife and does not want to marry again but the board of directors of the bank he manages is pressuring him to find a wife. He thinks Marty will be the perfect companion. But the two have secrets that could damage their relationship. Jake wants to head back to Texas and buy a ranch; Marty never wants to see Texas again and wants to sell her ranch. Marty does everything she can to fit in with Denver society so that Jake will not want to leave. Jake does everything he can to convince Marty that Texas is where their future lies. They also have to face a collapsing economy and a mystery surrounding the bank. In the midst of all of this the two start to fall in love but they are both scared of rejection from the other so they keep their feelings a secret. Will all these secrets destroy their sensible arrangement?

This is another amazing book by Tracie Peterson that sweeps you away. The characters in this book face many challenges and feelings that we do in today’s world. Marty was so overcome by grief from losing her first husband that she turned away from God. She thinks that God is not a very loving God to take away those that love and worship Him. Marty and Jake both fear falling in love and facing rejection from someone they care deeply about. We can all put ourselves in their shoes and learn something from this book and remember to turn towards God in our times of need. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Bethany House Publishers.

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