Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mark of Distinction

“Mark of Distinction” by Jessica Dotta takes us back to Victorian London to the intriguing story of Julia Elliston. In “Born of Persuasion” Julia was left in the care of a guardian and was to be sent as a servant to Scotland. She had longed to marry her childhood sweetheart, Edward, but was denied. She thought she found sanctuary in Mr. Macy but shortly after the wedding found out he was not who he seemed. Now she is living with her father in hopes that he will protect her from those who are after her. She’s uncovered many secrets but she is still left in the dark about many things. She learns that her father is a very wealthy man and that she will inherit all of his wealth even if she is his illegitimate daughter. Her father plans to thrust her into London society and marry her off since her first marriage was not legal. The man he has picked for her, Lord Dalry, vows to help her every step of the way. Along the way he falls in love with Julia but her heart still belongs to Edward. Can Lord Dalry win Julia’s heart?

This book will keep you turning the pages and make you wonder what will happen next. This book is filled with intrigue and vividly describes the Victorian times in London. This book continues Julia’s spiritual awakening as well. In the first book we learn that the man she thought was her father was an atheist. Edward pushed her to discover the truth about God and in this book we see how she finally accepts God and turns to Him to see her through. I highly recommend reading “Born of Persuasion” first to get Julia’s entire story. “Mark of Distinction” will leave you hanging for the conclusion of the Price of Privilege trilogy. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Tyndale House Publishers.

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