Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Perfect Spring

In “One Perfect Spring” by Irene Hannon we meet Claire Summers and Keith Watson. Claire is a single mother that has vowed to be independent and has sworn off men. Since Claire’s marriage fell apart she has a hard time trusting men and is afraid of having her heart broken again. Keith Watson is a workaholic and does not take time to have a personal life other than taking care of his mother. When Claire’s daughter writes a letter to Keith’s boss for help in finding her neighbor’s son their lives are soon to be intertwined. Keith’s boss David wants Keith to take on the project in hopes of showing Keith that there is more to life than work. Claire’s neighbor Maureen agrees to the project when she sees the attraction between Claire and Keith. Little did Maureen and David count on was the feelings they themselves have for each other. Maureen never dreamed that she would find love at her age and David did not believe he could have a second chance at love. Will these four people find love this spring?

This was a sweet romance that will keep you pulled in until the end. There are also a couple of twists to the story that will keep you turning the pages. This story shows us that we are all capable and deserving of love no matter our pasts and that when we seek God He will show us the one meant for us. This book will tug at your heart and make you smile at the end. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Revell.

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