Saturday, May 3, 2014


“Silenced” by Dani Pettrey takes us on another adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. Kayden McKenna and her siblings are adventure seekers and lately they have been involved in several mysteries and murders. When Kayden comes face to face with another murder victim it turns her life upside down. The sheriff asks for Jake Cavanagh’s help in the case now that Jake’s true identity has been revealed. Kayden has always been leery of Jake mainly because she knows she has deep feelings for him. Now as the two spend time together she comes to know Jake better and has an even harder time falling for him. Jake already knows that his heart belongs to Kayden and sets out to win her heart completely. When the case is solved the two think life will go back to normal. What the two did not count on was for Jake’s past to come back into his life and put them both in critical danger. It seems someone does not want Jake to be happy and now he must figure out the clues before he loses another woman he loves but will he be too late?

This is another amazing and fast paced suspense that will keep you turning the pages. This book is full of suspense and romance that will leave you wanting more. In this book we see how the two main characters rely on God to see them through the case and in their feelings for each other. This book mainly focuses on Kayden and Jake but it does have all of the McKenna family as well. I highly recommend reading the first three books, “Submerged”, “Shattered”, and “Stranded” first so that you will have more background on the relationship between Kayden and Jake. I highly recommend this whole series and can’t wait for Reef’s story! I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Bethany House.

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