Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Place in His Heart

In “A Place in His Heart” by Rebecca DeMarino we travel from England to the new Colonies in the 1630’s. Mary Langton was left at the altar and now her father is pressuring her to marry. He picks out the son of a milliner in London but Mary does not love him and she does not want to marry someone she does not love. When she runs into Barnabas Horton there is an immediate attraction. Mary remembers him from when she was a child and soon that attraction blooms into love on her part. Barnabas is a widower with two small boys and is looking for a mother for them. He knows that he will never be able to love another woman like he did his first wife but he can provide a nice home and wonderful life for Mary. Mary’s father is against the match from the start manly because Barnabas is a Puritan but he does give in to Mary and allow them to marry. There are many rocky times in their marriage especially when they move to the colonies. Barnabas feels that God is leading them to this new country in hopes of setting up a new church. Mary is torn between staying in England with her father and sister and going on this new adventure with her husband and children but she knows that she can rely on Barnabas and God to see them through but will she ever win her husband’s love?

This was an amazing and well written book and that will draw you into life in newly settled America. This book will also tug at your heart as you travel the journey with Mary and Barnabas. You will sympathize with Mary as she makes a home with her new family and tries to win their hearts. You will also feel for Barnabas has he holds on to his first love and fears loving again. In this book we see how even though both Mary and Barnabas are strong in their faith they forget to turn to God when times are bad and that once they do He does surely see them through. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Revell. Click here to enter for a giveaway from Rebecca DeMarino.

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