Saturday, June 21, 2014

Through the Deep Waters

“Through the Deep Waters” by Kim Vogel Sawyer takes us to 1883 Florence, Kansas. Dinah Hubley’s mother was a prostitute in Chicago and Dinah was raised in a brothel. Dinah’s childhood was filled with sadness as she never knew her father and never knew a mother’s love. Dinah longs to flee Chicago for a better life and become a Harvey Girl but she has no money and her mother is dying. In order to survive and take care of her mother Dinah does the one thing she thought she would never do. Dinah leaves Chicago after securing a job as a chambermaid at the Clifton Hotel in Florence. She keeps to herself and longs to put the past behind her but there are two people who want to be her friend. Her roommate Ruthie is a preacher’s daughter and has been raised to see the best in people and in life but Dinah has built a wall around herself. Amos Ackerman is a local chicken farmer and he shows interest in Dinah and tries to get to know her better. Amos has a physical disability and has had to deal with people making fun of him for years. All he longs for is a wife and children and a way to make a living. He believes God has chosen Dinah for him but she is afraid he will not want her when he finds out her past.

This is a wonderful book that tugs at the heart. You will feel for Dinah and Amos as they both struggle with trust and love and most importantly feeling like they belong. This book shows us that no matter how bad we think our pasts all we have to do is call on God to forgive us and our sins are no more in His eyes. We also see that when God shows us the path to take we should always listen to Him and never doubt that He knows what is best for us. I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review. Click here to read chapter 1.

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