Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Into the Canyon

“Into the Canyon” by Michael Neale takes us back to Colorado to the life of river guide Gabriel Clarke. We first met Gabriel in “The River”. We learned that when he was five years old he witnessed his father lose his life while rescuing two young men. That event changed Gabriel for many years. When his friend invited him on a river rafting trip in Colorado he goes but it not sure what to expect. He comes face to face with the man, Jacob, his father rescued and deals with many emotions. He also meets the man’s daughter, Tabitha. She helps Gabriel through his anger and convinces him to really experience the river. “Into the Canyon” picks up where the first book left off. We continue on the journey with Gabriel as he is still coming to terms losing his father. Gabriel knows he needs to forgive and put the anger away and live his life to the fullest. With the help and love of Jacob and Tabitha we see how Gabriel is finally able to move on from the past.

This book will keep you turning the pages and tug at your heart as you go on the journey with Gabriel. This book is full of life lessons we can all use at some point in our lives. This book shows us that God will give us courage and faith to forgive those who have done us wrong and love and hope to move forward in our lives. I highly recommend reading “The River” first to have Gabriel’s entire story. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from BookLook.

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