Sunday, July 19, 2015

Refining Fire

“Refining Fire” by Tracie Peterson takes us back to the Madison Bridal School in Seattle, Washington. This book takes us once again into the lives of two young ladies at the school. Abrianna and Militine both live at the school but neither is thinking about finding a husband. Abrianna is set on helping the friendless in Seattle. Militine is hiding from a dark past. The two girls could not be any different. Abrianna is an outspoken and godly person and Militine would rather stay in the shadows and she definitely does not want anything to do with God. When her good friend Thane turns his attentions toward her she does not think she is worthy of his love. Thane also has a dark secret and is afraid of a relationship with Militine but he knows his feelings are not going away. With the help of his friend Wade he finally faces his past and turns to God for forgiveness. Militine’s friendship with Abrianna also opens her eyes up to who God really is. Will they trust in Him in order to have a future together?

This is the second book in the Brides of Seattle series and it is another wonderful book. Tracie Peterson has a way of drawing you in and bringing the story to life. This story shows us how important a relationship with God is. Without Him we feel hopeless and not worthy but once we let him in our lives we see all the wonderful things He can do for us. That does not mean we will not have hard times but it does mean that He will be with us during those times. If you read “Steadfast Heart” then I highly recommend this book as it continues Abrianna and Wade’s story. I received a complimentary copy to review from Bethany House Publishers.

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