Sunday, May 8, 2016

Land of Silence

“Land of Silence” by Tessa Afshar takes us to Jerusalem into the world of young Elianna. Elianna is a young girl with a wonderful future ahead of her. She comes from a good family and will soon marry the man of her dreams. Then in one second her life is forever changed. Her young brother dies while in her care and her father blames her and does not want anything to do with her anymore. She also blames herself and cannot let go of the guilt no matter what her fiancé tells her. She takes over running her father’s business and does quite well. Unfortunately for her when things seem to be going well something bad is lurking around the corner. We see how tragedy after tragedy happens to her and changes her life a little at a time. Until finally she becomes ill and is cast aside by everyone except for a few close friends and relatives. During this time she comes to have a closer relationship with the Lord and continually prays for physical and spiritual healing. Nothing helps until an encounter with the prophet Jesus and she learns that only He alone can heal her and make her clean.

This story brings to life a few scriptures in the Bible and makes you wonder just who the woman who touched Jesus really was. The author does an amazing job of bringing the Bible life in a way that will make you feel you are there with Elianna. This story also shows us that no matter all the bad we encounter we should never give up on God to heal us and make us whole again. Only He has the power to set us free from whatever bondage we are enslaved to. I received a complimentary copy of this book to review from Tyndale House Publishers.

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